In love with…5 February must-haves

Hey lovebirds,

Snow is falling and winter has finally come to Strasbourg. Now here’s how to survive winter with a few basics.

  1. hand creme: I’m sure you all know the feeling when it starts getting cold and your skin dries up? Yup? Well, i hate that kind of feeling…so in order to avoid the inconvenience, I’ve decided to use hand cream instead. My favourite one is from L’Occitane, a French brand that I discovered when I lived in Australia. (yes I obviously had to go that far) Lucky me, my beautiful host mum knows how to appreciate French products and was kind enough to introduce me to it and I’ve loved it since. My favourite is the rose one. Click here to check out their website and even do some online shopping.


    Photo from

  2. tea: I tend to drink too little on a day. Sipping tea doesn’t only help you drink enough water, it can also help you detox and keeps you warm! My favourite tea at the moment (or let’s say ever since I discovered it two years ago) is Kusmi tea (who would have guessed?) They have all sorts of flavours: green tea, white tea, black tea, detox. Difficult to be disappointed really. Their tea comes in boxes which could also be a lovely birthday present.
  3. lip balm: Nobody likes kissing chapped lips, am I right? Now as a lip balm addict, here are some of my favourites. Aloe Lips is my all-time favourite lip balm. It’s a natural product made of aloe, jojoba and beeswax and is suitable for all seasons.
    Lucas’Pawpaw Ointment: a natural Australian product made of pawpaw (who would have guessed?) Every Aussie girl has one in her bag!DSC_0367
  4. a good book: I personally see winter as a time to calm down a bit and do some reading for myself. Throughout the busyness of the year I collect a list of books that I wanna read when I’ve finally found the time to do so. Here’s what’s on my January list:
    – Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry – by Amy Odell


    photo from

    The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho: a classic that I still haven’t managed to read.

    Sommerregen der Liebe: Goethe und Frau von Stein – von Sigrid Damm. Published in November 2015. Goethe’s love letters newly interpreted.


    photo from

  5. a warm and cozy beanie: They say you lose most of your body temperature over the head and feet. So wearing a beanie is somehow important to keep your whole body warm. I like varying my beanies, so I bought a burgundy red/violet-ish headband at H&M this winter. It looks very retro and I’m in love with it.

Bisou, M


In love with…a Pocahontas winter dress

Hey there lovebirds,

Talking about fashion has never really been my thing and yet here I am writing about it. I’ve recently started reading Garance’s inspirational book Love Style Life and it made me think about myself and about what fashion means to me. I’ve enjoyed shopping for as long as I can remember and H&M sure has profited from my enthusiasm. But have I always had the same style? Oh God no, I still remember when mum took me shopping when I was about 6 years old. We went to H&M – of course, in my very own little world of fashion nothing else existed – and mum let me choose my clothes all by myself and I came across this grass green crop top with a yellow flower right in the middle of it. Continue reading

In love with…a happy new year!

2015, you were pretty good to me! Finished two Bachelor’s degrees, got a job at University of Vienna, got an internship at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, got accepted for a Master’s Programme in Strasbourg where I moved to a couple of months ago and where I met lots of new amazing and interesting people. One would say things have worked out for me this year which makes 2016 scary. You must know, I’m a very organized person – yes, I love making lists and I find tidying my room calming, so you may call me a freak – and I hate it when I don’t know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing. 2016 will hopefully bring lots of exciting new adventures and surprises. Continue reading

In love with…Edward Steichen Exhibition

Hello lovebirds,

First of all: welcome to our new page, we hope you enjoy it. We’ve decided to upgrade a little bit and change the website and design as wordpress seems to be a lot easier to handle and it looks good too. 🙂

Lara and I have had a couple of crazy months which didn’t include much free time. This probably explains our lack of writing. Summer has finally hit Vienna and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year that I started my internship in Budapest. Despite the heat, studying, writing and complaining, I managed to take C to the Edward Steichen exhibition at Westlicht, which was absolutely fabulous and every fashion fanatic needs to see. In case you’ve missed out: Edward Steichen is one of the most – if not THE most – influential photographer of Vogue magazine and Vanity Fair. He basically invented high fashion and was damn good at it. His photography was and still is so inspirational, I wanted to go back in time and just hug him. The beauty he captured and the naturalness that came with it were just breathtaking. No photoshop, no extraordinarily thin models but curvy, beautifully dressed women with natural make-up. Definitely something to admire! Here’s a little impression. Enjoy!

Bisou, M


In love with…”schau ma mal” and “Meidling” shirts

It was only last week, when L traveled through Vienna’s districts to Wunderladen in order to have a little chat with the very talented young fashion designers of yyy.

As L&M are strong proponents of fair trade fashion and bio-cotton, we were really looking forward to find out more about yyy‘s philosophy and their label.

Young fashion designers who put their focus on sustainibility, quality and regionality should always be supported.

 Read on to find out more about yyy-wear it with awareness, an Austrian label that was founded by Thomas &Thomas.

11 questions for yyy.

1.) Which philosophy lies beyond your label?

Thomas D.: It is obvious when looking at our shirts that our prints are closely connected to Austria. In addition to that sustainability is highly essential for us. Therefore, we only use fair trade bio-cotton.

2.) When did you have the idea to found your own business?

Thomas W.: We both have studied Informatics and since we were looking for a way to express our creativity next to our studies, we suddenly had the idea to start our own project. As we are both interested in designing, we decided to start our own label.

Thomas D.: We had the idea in February and began to realize our plans in March. Since then we have designed five prints. For girls, our prints are available on 3 different shirts, for guys on one shirt.

3.) What is “yyy” standing for?

Thomas D.: “yyy” has no deeper meaning. Everyone can interpret it the way they want to…and xxx was already taken. 😉

4.) What are your plans for the future?

Thomas W.: Our plan is to become more and more independent. We want to create our own patterns for our shirts and to sew and print our pieces on our own.

5.) You are two designers. There is no team behind you?!

Thomas D.: We are the team. We do everything on our own: from taking pictures to designing to order and delivery- and we enjoy it. The secret of our successful cooperation is that we complement each other really well. One has an idea and the other one develops it further. Thereby, we are able to create something totally new and unique.

6.) Our blog Lara&Michelle has the subtitle “…in love with the world”, which means that we love traveling. What are your next travel destinations?

Thomas D.: We have already been to Morocco this year and I’ve also traveled to Egypt. I really want to to go to Amsterdam, there will also be enough time for a couple of weekend trips and we are currently planning a surfing vacation.

Thomas W.: I also enjoy traveling. I’ve already been to Southeast Asia a couple of times and next to Morocco, I’ve also traveled to Istanbul. This summer, we’re planning to go on a two weeks’ vacation, as Thomas has just mentioned.

Thomas D.: As long as you have the opportunity, you should travel as much as possible and discover new places.

7.) Are you already working on your fall collection?

Thomas W.: Sure! There are many requests concerning our Meidling- Shirt for other districts. Therefore, we will definitely work on that. Neubau, Ottakring, Mariahilf..we already have a secret favorite..but let’s see which one will win!

8.) What/Who are your role models when it comes to fashion and design?

Thomas D.: This is a question we haven’t thought about yet. Product design is extremely important for our designs..especially Apple with its minimalistic philosophy.

Thomas W.: I don’t really have a role model- I do what I love. I think that everything you see and perceive is influencing your work in some way.

9.) This question is probably a bit far-fetched, but where do you see yourself in the future?

Thomas D.: In Germany there is a young company who is running a grocery store that manages to get along without any kind of packaging. We also want this for our fashion. A collection, completely sustainable and throughout ecofriendly.

10.) Which 5 things do you find essential when designing a new piece?

Thomas W.: We should be in love with our prints. They should be sophisticated, as well as shrewd. The cuts shouldn’t be too run-of-the-mill and organic biocotton and fair trade goes without saying.

11.) You have an online shop, where one can order your shirts and bags. In addition to that it is possible to purchase them at Wunderladen. What do you particularly like about the concept “Wunderladen”?

Thomas D.: I like the extraordinary concept, as Wunderladen combines coffee shop, fashion and art. Sabrina, who manages Wunderladen is doing a great job. From interior design to service- everything is top!

Thomas W.: An online shop is extremely useful, as you can access it 24/7. However, especially when you want to try on the pieces, Wunderladen is a great addition to our online shop.

Bisou, L&M

In love with…a casual Kanye Wednesday


As it is winter here in beautiful Austria (you might have seen our fantastic winter wonderland pictures a few days ago) my warm olive green parka is one of the main essentials of a daily outfit. The cold makes it a little less fun to get dressed every morning, as it’s easy to fall into this pattern where you’re just ‘mmhh nah, I’ll stay in my hoody and trekkies today. No one’s gonna see me anyways.’ Then again, when I think about it, I realize that I used to be that kind of person who didn’t need a reason to get dressed. People usually ask me what I dressed up for and my answer is ‘no reason, I just like it’.


So when I’ve come back to realizing that if I always waited for a reason or an occasion to get dressed, I’d probably get depressed and so I put on some nice clothes for good old times sake. What I’ve come up with this time is my good old Kanye whom I was missing in Budapest last summer (but hey let’s be honest, a low-cut tank top with a print of Kanye’s face on it is probably not the outfit to wear in a diplomatic service).

Kanye 6

My Kanye shirt was actually a random pick at a sale and it’s been quite a faithful friend ever since. In combination with high cut jeans, a kimono, boots and my favourite Review beanie it makes a perfect casual Wednesday look. A comfortable outfit is just what I need at the moment, now that the bitter end of a sweet semester break is about to come and study sessions are back on.

Bisou, M


Here’s what I wore:

  1. Kanye Shirt: H&M
  2. Jeans: H&M
  3. Kimono: C&A
  4. Shoes: New Yorker
  5. Beanie: Review
  6. Watch: Casio
  7. Bracelet: H&M
  8. Ring: NAFNAF/Six

In love with…reinventing my wardrobe

Let’s be honest: in the past few weeks, my outfits have mainly consisted of leggings and wide jumpers (well, I like it comfy when I have to study but who says comfy doesn’t look great, huh?). My hair was tied back to a ponytail and my make-up was pretty much limited to concealer to cover up the bags under my eyes from my lack of sleep. Having been on semester break for almost a week now, I thought it was about time for me to get back into my old life and get dressed again, like really dressed and not some similar version of my jammies. So I told myself to be brave and try something new and my result is pretty obvious: mixed patterns. I haven’t bought any new clothes in a long time now as I just haven’t had the time, or the money to go shopping (yep, a flight to Australia is pretty expensive), which inspired me to just work with what I’ve got. Trying out new combinations can sometimes have the same effect as buying a new dress or skirt (or at least I’d like to believe that but the feeling’s pretty close). You probably know the kind of feeling when you have the impression you’ve got nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is about to explode? Well, start looking at your wardrobe differently, get out a piece that you haven’t worn in a long time and put it together with something new, something you never would have thought possible. Spice it up with some jewellery, or a hat. Sometimes there are quite some cool picks in there and you might end up being surprised about how nice things are when you give them a new look. It’s like a second hand store but with the same old owner. Have fun rediscovering your garde-robe!

Bisou, M

1 5 2 6 hat_effected

In love with…pj sessions with Peter


When I lived in Australia it didn’t take long for me to find the man of my dreams. His name’s Peter Alexander and he just gets me. He’s got a huge heart, great taste and is an animal-lover. His best friend is his dog that he loves to show off. Peter has a weakness for cute things, that’s one of the main reasons why we get along so well. He is gentle and kind and sometimes a little crazy but who doesn’t have a crazy side in them?


Peter always knew how much I loved a nice soft pink and spoiled me with beautiful little things. He’s a heart-warming person whom I love spending time in bed with…Alright guys, now’s about the time when you realize I’m talking about pjs here. Peter Alexander is one of my favourite designers of all time. He’s understood that home wear is THE best way to impress a little ostrich like Me.


As much as I love dressing up and wearing cute floral dresses (gosh, I bought about a hundred of them in Australia. My host mum J’s a witness), I will always love to undress and get into my comfy and sweet looking pyjama. A pj is perhaps THE most honest thing a girl could possibly wear. Looking good in a pencil skirt, a nice blouse, high heels and a blazer is one thing but looking good in a nightgown without make up and frizzy hair is another.


Lots of people hide behind their clothes but when they take them off, they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Now Peter Alexander makes you feel pretty and fashionable even in a nightgown and that’s what I love about my Peter.

Bisou, M

P1050483 P1050449 P1050447

Here’s what I wore: pyjamas and night gowns: Peter Alexander

beanie: Review

In love with…attending a good wedding

A wedding’s always a perfect opportunity to wear a pretty robe, get dressed up and wear high heels. My mum’s been coping with my dress addiction for almost 24 years now. Every time I go shopping I hear her whingeing: ‘Another bloody dress?’ And I keep telling her, there will be a perfect moment for me to wear it, trust me, and she just rolls her eyes. I admit I understand mum’s hesitation. I have about thirty dresses in my closet and half of them have either been worn once or never. But as I said: time will come and it has! At least for my navy-blue dress that I bought in Australia about two years ago. I have this habit of buying dresses overseas just because I like to tease people. ‘Oh what a pretty dress you’ve got! Where’d you get it?’ ‘Hm, sorry, but this one’s from Canberra.’. I apologize that this is not an advertisement of a brand-new dress or coat or shoes that I had just bought recently. Just try to think of it as a reminder that things don’t always have to be new for them to look good. I get attached to things easily and therefore every piece I have comes with a certain memory. Like the dress that I graduated in, or the dress that I wore to my cousin’s wedding, or the dress that I wore on my first day of my internship and yes, I’m a very emotional person. So I was happy to add another memory to my navy-blue dress that I wore to my other cousin’s wedding. Getting dressed for a wedding is never easy, as you try not to steal the bride’s attention. This is why I chose to go for a rather simple dress, coat and high heels, all in matching blue colours. My baby blue coat from Zara has been a great companion for the past two years. It’s very simple but that’s what’s so perfect about it. You can dress it up with a lovely dress and high heels like my outfit for the wedding, or you can dress it down by simply wearing jeans, a shirt and booties. As it reads in ‘How to be Parisian wherever you are’: you need to find an item that makes you feel good about yourself no matter what, and this is mine. Perhaps it’s also the Parisian look of it that makes me feel good about it, who knows?

Bisou, M

Here’s what I wore: dress (Dotti), jacket (Zara), high heels (Zara), bag (H&M), watch (Casio)