Michelle is back

Hello there lovebirds,

Einige von euch kennen mich bereits unter dem Namen Michelle von unserem Blog, in dem Lara und ich Rezepte, Gedanken und Reisetipps mit euch teilten. Andere kennen mich aus dem echten Leben, wo ich mich Jasi, Jas, kleiner Hase, oder am häufigsten einfach Jasmin nenne. Lara und ich haben 2014 (meine Güte, wie die Zeit vergeht) unser Projekt ‚Lara and Michelle – In love with the world‘ gestartet. Aufgrund einiger privater Gründe hat sich Lara schon vor langer Zeit dazu entschlossen, nicht mehr Teil des Projektes sein zu wollen und so kam es, dass auch ich beinahe ein Jahr lang nichts mehr geschrieben hab. Meine liebe Freundin R hat mich dann vor ein paar Wochen auf den Blog angesprochen und gefragt, weshalb wir eigentlich nichts mehr posten. Naja dann bin ich irgendwie ins Grübeln gekommen, da mir das Schreiben eigentlich doch ganz schön fehlt. Nun sitz ich hier so auf meiner Dachterrasse und lass mir beinahe den Hut vom Winde verwehen und dachte mir, warum eigentlich nicht doch wieder ein paar Zeilen tippen? Da ich gerade auch wieder einen riesigen Tapetenwechsel und Umzug von Strasbourg nach Wien hinter mir habe und endlich (fast!) mein Studium abgeschlossen hab und somit in die Welt der Erwachsenen eintauche, hab ich mir gedacht, es wäre vielleicht hilfreich, einige Erfahrungen mit euch zu teilen. Immerhin kann dieses erwachsen werden – so viele positive Dinge es auch bringen mag – ein echter Graus sein. Wohnungssuche, Jobsuche, Identitätsfindung – keine leichte Aufgabe für eine Generation Praktika, der ich selbst angehöre. Jaja, tell me about it denkst du dir vielleicht gerade, aber truth is, ich hätt mir gewünscht, jemanden zu haben, der mir davon erzählt, wieviele Hürden (aber auch wieviele schöne Dinge) am Ende des Studiums auf mich zukommen. So hätt ich mir vielleicht ein paar hysterische Momente, in denen ich äußerst gut bin, ersparen können und auch die eine oder andere Person mit meinem Drama schonen können. Ich hab durch meine vielen Umzüge im In-oder Ausland und meinen gefühlten Tausend Praktika einiges mitgenommen und hab auch immer wieder Fragen diesbezüglich bekommen. Vielleicht motiviert euch ja der eine oder andere künftige Beitrag, selber einen mutigen Schritt zu wagen, den ihr euch vorher vielleicht nicht getraut habt. Also long story short: ihr werdet wohl in nächster Zeit wieder öfter ein paar Zeilen von mir lesen dürfen. Ich freue mich also über jegliche Kommentare und Feedback von euch, sowie Anregungen und Wünsche.



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In love with…Valentine’s Day

Hey lovebirds,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to spend this special day of love without becoming depressed in case you’re single like Lara and myself. Lots of people hate this day because it reminds them of being single, of being alone. But truth is: who said Valentine’s Day was only a day for couples? Continue reading

In love with…a happy new year!

2015, you were pretty good to me! Finished two Bachelor’s degrees, got a job at University of Vienna, got an internship at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, got accepted for a Master’s Programme in Strasbourg where I moved to a couple of months ago and where I met lots of new amazing and interesting people. One would say things have worked out for me this year which makes 2016 scary. You must know, I’m a very organized person – yes, I love making lists and I find tidying my room calming, so you may call me a freak – and I hate it when I don’t know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing. 2016 will hopefully bring lots of exciting new adventures and surprises. Continue reading

In love with…#DIY lavender body scrub

Hi lovebirds,

Skin protection is a pretty serious issue in winter. Don’t we all hate it when our skin gets all dry and it starts getting itchy? Luckily for you, I have a solution to an unnecessary problem. My friend T came across a pretty amazing body scrub recipe that works wonders. It’s more than just a body scrub, it’s perfect for birthday presents, or if you want to have a friend over for a girls night in. I’ve tried it myself and was surprised how smooth my hands and face were after. I couldn’t keep my hands off me, haha. Continue reading

In love with…a merry little Christmas

Hello there lovebirds,

Birds are chirping, first blossoms are out, one would say it’s the beginning of a beautiful spring. Where has all the ‘snow is falling all around me’ gone? Christmas is the one holiday we associate with snow and the cold but let’s be honest, when was the last time we really had snow for Christmas? This wonderful illusion has accompanied my life for years and I might just have to get used to a sunny Christmas and a snowy Easter and yet I like reminiscing about the good old times. The times I played out in the snow with my friends, believed in the Christkind (nope, no Père Noel or Santa in Austria) and the magic of it. Continue reading

In love with…my Diana

Hello lovebirds,

I just discovered an old entry that I was going to publish before I left Vienna. As I was obviously very busy, I’ve decided to post it anyways as it describes what I’ve been and still am going through and some people might ask themselves what it’s like to move away from home…this entry is dedicated to Diana, a true travel companion!

Diana has been a true friend, never has anyone been this loyal. She’s my lady in baby blue and black and is always full of surprises. As I’m slowly emptying my room, people start asking me questions: are you sad you have to leave the country? Continue reading

In love with…countryside spirit

Sometimes coming home is exactly what I need. Don’t get this the wrong way, I love Vienna, but as much as I love it, I also love getting away from it, especially when it’s got about 30 degrees in the city. There are moments where my appreciation for a private garden and just being surrounded by nature and my family could not be exceeded by anything. Coming home sometimes feels like going on a holiday to a different country. The friendliness of the people and the non existant privacy might be seemingly unfamiliar at the start but very nice once used to. Actually knowing the people who live in your house and in your neighbourhood is an advantage that not everyone has and I fully appreciate it. It is a nice feeling to know that your neighbours are happy to see you when you’re back, especially because they have played an important role in your childhood. That’s another thing that I love about coming home. Continue reading

In love with…Edward Steichen Exhibition

Hello lovebirds,

First of all: welcome to our new page, we hope you enjoy it. We’ve decided to upgrade a little bit and change the website and design as wordpress seems to be a lot easier to handle and it looks good too. 🙂

Lara and I have had a couple of crazy months which didn’t include much free time. This probably explains our lack of writing. Summer has finally hit Vienna and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year that I started my internship in Budapest. Despite the heat, studying, writing and complaining, I managed to take C to the Edward Steichen exhibition at Westlicht, which was absolutely fabulous and every fashion fanatic needs to see. In case you’ve missed out: Edward Steichen is one of the most – if not THE most – influential photographer of Vogue magazine and Vanity Fair. He basically invented high fashion and was damn good at it. His photography was and still is so inspirational, I wanted to go back in time and just hug him. The beauty he captured and the naturalness that came with it were just breathtaking. No photoshop, no extraordinarily thin models but curvy, beautifully dressed women with natural make-up. Definitely something to admire! Here’s a little impression. Enjoy!

Bisou, M


In love with…Budapest Pride

Hello lovelies,

It’s only been a few, but very hectic days in Budapest. My apologies if the first entry on my new exciting life as an intern in this beautiful city is about a political topic, but I figured since we’re in love with…the world, Budapest Pride is more than relevant to our blog. My Hungarian life is very politically influenced (I know this is probably not very surprising), but hey, no bad connotations here. After only seven days at work, I feel like I have already broadened my horizon and am eager to find out what is still ahead of me.

Budapest Pride Parade was one of my first adventures and I must say that I really enjoyed it, even though it was quite intimidating at the same time. The parade was part of a film festival for LGBTQ people. Bringing awareness to those who still haven’t accepted the fact that love is for everyone was one of the main goals. Just a quick fact for those of you who don’t know what LGBTQ means, it’s referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. All around the world, there are similar events like the ‘Regenbogenparade’ in Vienna. As I couldn’t participate in this year’s parade in Vienna, I was quite happy to take part in Budapest’s march to support some close family members and friends of mine and just people in general who are in love because let’s be honest, aren’t we all in love with something or someone?

That is why it made me feel even happier when I found out how many different embassies from all over the world supported the event and fought for those who still get discriminated against because of…well, love. It’s not a secret that Hungary has gone through quite some changes in the past few years and that there have been issues with radicals assaulting participants of the parade. The amount of policemen and women trying to protect the event was rather impressive and intimidating. Seeing people yell at you (for once I was quite happy I didn’t speak Hungarian) and having hundreds of policemen and women trying to keep them away from you sure wasn’t a nice experience. I don’t wish anyone to be assaulted, or discriminated against because they are in love with someone. Even though this might be my fairy tale character speaking, but I still do believe in love and I think of it as a wonderful thing that is supposed to be cherished and not forbidden!

Bisou, M