In love with…What the cake?

Hello there lovebirds,

As a true Austrian girl, I do love my coffee house culture and I sure wanna practice it wherever I go. So it’s not really surprising that I went looking for great coffee shops and cafés here in Strasbourg. After living in Vienna (THE place where coffee house culture was born) and Budapest (the city with perhaps the most creative coffee places) my expectations are pretty high! ‘Wow, that was some great coffee’ coming from an Austrian really is a compliment and I mean it. What the cake? has officially become my favourite place in Strasbourg for having coffee or just to quietly read a book. Continue reading


In love with…coming home to Strasbourg

Hey lovebirds,

first couple of days of 2016 are over and I’m back to reality, meaning back in Strasbourg, my second? third? –  I don’t even know anymore how many homes I’ve got – home. I started my new year with a journey, I wanted to do some more traveling after all. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to my friends in Austria but as soon as I got on the train I was excited to see mes amis en France. Traveling has so many advantages but hardly anyone ever speaks about the downsides of it and yes, I admit there are quite a few as well. Having friends and family all over the world seems like an amazing thing at first and I don’t wanna deny that, but if you have a closer look at it, having friends spread all around the world means that you constantly miss someone and something. Continue reading

In love with…Strasbourg, the Christmas capital!

Hey lovebirds,

once a year, Strasbourg – the capital of Christmas – enchants its citizens with its magic lights and beautiful decoration. Tonight was the night when the Christmas lights got turned on for the very first time this year. One would say Santa lived here if we didn’t know that wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, the city is covered in the smell of gingerbread and other delicious Alsatian food. I always thought there was heaps to eat in Vienna but I guess I was wrong. The cold has finally come to Strasbourg Continue reading

In love with… Parc d’Orangerie

Hey lovebirds,

lately I’ve been doubting the weather and been asking myself whether it’s spring already – the Christmas lights told me otherwise…the temperatures are unexpectedly high and confusing. It feels weird not having to wear a parka in November…I’ve already had several birthdays that I spent on my girly bobsled out in the snow (except this one amazing birthday Down Under). This year’s November has been pretty warm and very beautiful with all the trees changing colours. Perfect occasion to explore the biggest park here in Strasbourg – Parc d’Orangerie – quite a romantic place. Continue reading

In love with…5 must-sees in Strasbourg

Coucou lovebirds,

oh how have I missed the feeling of being on vacation! As per usual, right after my exams in June I started my internship in Vienna and then headed straight off to Strasbourg with a week of preparation which wasn’t really a holiday to me as you can imagine. So this is basically the first week I have off since, well, February and it feels pretty amazing. Mum and her boyfriend F came up for a long weekend which finally gave me the opportunity to discover the city I’ve lived in for two months now. So I spent a busy weekend as a tourist in my own city Continue reading

In love with…ma belle Strasbourgeoisie


Summer is officially over and my new life in Strasbourg has had some very exciting but chilly moments. After ten long hours on the train (I crossed three different countries), I finally made it to my new home. Strasbourg and I seem to be perfect for each other – apart from a few things that still need to be sorted out. (and really my list of things is endless) It’s the heart of Europe – sorry Brussels – and it definitely has a pretty face too, so how could I not feel comfortable around here? It’s the perfect mix of history, culture, politics and languages. And again: how could I not feel comfortable in this city? Continue reading