In love with…Valentine’s Day

Hey lovebirds,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to spend this special day of love without becoming depressed in case you’re single like Lara and myself. Lots of people hate this day because it reminds them of being single, of being alone. But truth is: who said Valentine’s Day was only a day for couples? Continue reading


In love with…5 February must-haves

Hey lovebirds,

Snow is falling and winter has finally come to Strasbourg. Now here’s how to survive winter with a few basics.

  1. hand creme: I’m sure you all know the feeling when it starts getting cold and your skin dries up? Yup? Well, i hate that kind of feeling…so in order to avoid the inconvenience, I’ve decided to use hand cream instead. My favourite one is from L’Occitane, a French brand that I discovered when I lived in Australia. (yes I obviously had to go that far) Lucky me, my beautiful host mum knows how to appreciate French products and was kind enough to introduce me to it and I’ve loved it since. My favourite is the rose one. Click here to check out their website and even do some online shopping.


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  2. tea: I tend to drink too little on a day. Sipping tea doesn’t only help you drink enough water, it can also help you detox and keeps you warm! My favourite tea at the moment (or let’s say ever since I discovered it two years ago) is Kusmi tea (who would have guessed?) They have all sorts of flavours: green tea, white tea, black tea, detox. Difficult to be disappointed really. Their tea comes in boxes which could also be a lovely birthday present.
  3. lip balm: Nobody likes kissing chapped lips, am I right? Now as a lip balm addict, here are some of my favourites. Aloe Lips is my all-time favourite lip balm. It’s a natural product made of aloe, jojoba and beeswax and is suitable for all seasons.
    Lucas’Pawpaw Ointment: a natural Australian product made of pawpaw (who would have guessed?) Every Aussie girl has one in her bag!DSC_0367
  4. a good book: I personally see winter as a time to calm down a bit and do some reading for myself. Throughout the busyness of the year I collect a list of books that I wanna read when I’ve finally found the time to do so. Here’s what’s on my January list:
    – Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider’s View from Inside the Fashion Industry – by Amy Odell


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    The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho: a classic that I still haven’t managed to read.

    Sommerregen der Liebe: Goethe und Frau von Stein – von Sigrid Damm. Published in November 2015. Goethe’s love letters newly interpreted.


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  5. a warm and cozy beanie: They say you lose most of your body temperature over the head and feet. So wearing a beanie is somehow important to keep your whole body warm. I like varying my beanies, so I bought a burgundy red/violet-ish headband at H&M this winter. It looks very retro and I’m in love with it.

Bisou, M

In love with…kiwi banana chia pudding

Good morning lovebirds,

How many times have I told you about my breakfast addiction? I always try to vary my breakfast as I want to avoid getting sick of eating the same thing all over again. Good news is, there are so many delicious ways to have a nice breakfast. Well, here comes another healthy recipe to start a great day. What do you usually have for breakfast? Continue reading

In love with…What the cake?

Hello there lovebirds,

As a true Austrian girl, I do love my coffee house culture and I sure wanna practice it wherever I go. So it’s not really surprising that I went looking for great coffee shops and cafés here in Strasbourg. After living in Vienna (THE place where coffee house culture was born) and Budapest (the city with perhaps the most creative coffee places) my expectations are pretty high! ‘Wow, that was some great coffee’ coming from an Austrian really is a compliment and I mean it. What the cake? has officially become my favourite place in Strasbourg for having coffee or just to quietly read a book. Continue reading

In love with…a Pocahontas winter dress

Hey there lovebirds,

Talking about fashion has never really been my thing and yet here I am writing about it. I’ve recently started reading Garance’s inspirational book Love Style Life and it made me think about myself and about what fashion means to me. I’ve enjoyed shopping for as long as I can remember and H&M sure has profited from my enthusiasm. But have I always had the same style? Oh God no, I still remember when mum took me shopping when I was about 6 years old. We went to H&M – of course, in my very own little world of fashion nothing else existed – and mum let me choose my clothes all by myself and I came across this grass green crop top with a yellow flower right in the middle of it. Continue reading

In love with…a Metz Travel Diary

Hey lovebirds,

a little while ago some friends and I went on a little road trip to Nancy and then continued to Metz. I do admit my expectations were quite high as friends had told me it was such a beautiful place but truth is, I was a little bit disappointed with the city. After all the positive comments, I had no choice but to be a bit upset. However, I discovered at least 4 things that I fell in love with. Continue reading

In love with…coming home to Strasbourg

Hey lovebirds,

first couple of days of 2016 are over and I’m back to reality, meaning back in Strasbourg, my second? third? –  I don’t even know anymore how many homes I’ve got – home. I started my new year with a journey, I wanted to do some more traveling after all. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to my friends in Austria but as soon as I got on the train I was excited to see mes amis en France. Traveling has so many advantages but hardly anyone ever speaks about the downsides of it and yes, I admit there are quite a few as well. Having friends and family all over the world seems like an amazing thing at first and I don’t wanna deny that, but if you have a closer look at it, having friends spread all around the world means that you constantly miss someone and something. Continue reading

In love with…a happy new year!

2015, you were pretty good to me! Finished two Bachelor’s degrees, got a job at University of Vienna, got an internship at the Austrian Federal Chancellery, got accepted for a Master’s Programme in Strasbourg where I moved to a couple of months ago and where I met lots of new amazing and interesting people. One would say things have worked out for me this year which makes 2016 scary. You must know, I’m a very organized person – yes, I love making lists and I find tidying my room calming, so you may call me a freak – and I hate it when I don’t know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing. 2016 will hopefully bring lots of exciting new adventures and surprises. Continue reading

In love with…#DIY lavender body scrub

Hi lovebirds,

Skin protection is a pretty serious issue in winter. Don’t we all hate it when our skin gets all dry and it starts getting itchy? Luckily for you, I have a solution to an unnecessary problem. My friend T came across a pretty amazing body scrub recipe that works wonders. It’s more than just a body scrub, it’s perfect for birthday presents, or if you want to have a friend over for a girls night in. I’ve tried it myself and was surprised how smooth my hands and face were after. I couldn’t keep my hands off me, haha. Continue reading

In love with…#DIY granola

Hello lovebirds,

C’est les vacances maintenant and I’m back in Austria for two weeks! I had already forgotten how nice it was to have a home with a real bed, a shower where you don’t need to wear thongs and a toilet where you can sit down to do your business! I am 100% making use of grandma’s kitchen, passively and actively. I have recently been inspired by the muesli boys and decided to give my granola recipe a new face. It’s very easy as per usual and very tasty. Check out the recipe below and start your mornings with some serious foodgasms! Continue reading